Code of Ethics


Members of Master Concreters Australia are committed and obliged to uphold the following:

  1. To respect unequivocally the concepts of free enterprise and unselfish service to the community.
  2. To operate at all times in a manner that will enhance the reputation of the concreting and related industries in the community and across the nation.
  3. To place their responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of the community before sectional or private interests, or the other members.
  4. To act with honor, integrity and dignity in order to merit the trust of the community.
  5. To act only in areas of competence and in a careful and diligent manner.
  6. To support every effort to improve the concreting and related industries, and to encourage research and development into new techniques, materials and products.
  7. To support only bona fides advertising of industry products and practices, and to refrain from any form of advertising which might confuse or mislead.
  8. To support and assist where necessary all levels of Government in all matters relating to the industry acknowledging the impact that poor work practices can have on the environment and the safety of workers and the community as a result of inferior efforts and application.
  9. To express opinions, make statements or give evidence with fairness and honesty and only on the basis of personal knowledge and competence.